Wellness Diabetes Speciality Clinic was a new clinic started by Dr. Paresh Ved, an upcoming Diabetologist. Dr. Ved believes that diabetes was to be treated with a holistic approach keeping all factors related to diabetes in check. That’s why he pioneered the Tripod Approach which took care of the overall wellbeing of the patient, which included diet, foot care, eye care, etc all at a single clinic.


Since the clinic was fairly new in Ghatkopar, not many people visited the clinic. Some basic marketing increased the number of walk-ins. However, the clinic was not running to its maximum capacity. Also, patients walked in without appointments affecting the efficiency of the clinic. Klub1 was mainly brought in to develop Wellness Diabetes Clinic’s website as well as to optimize the operations so as to maximize patient capacity.

Klub1’s expertise in marketing and process automation is commendable.


During the initial stage, our primary objective was to bring in more patients. But we had two constraints. The clinic was new and Dr. Ved was still relatively not well known in the area back then. For medical treatments, patients do not usually change to a doctor with whom they haven’t yet built trust. Also, the marketing budget was tight.

We started off by identifying our target audience. Since the clinic was taking a new approach, we identified that younger crowd who was active on the internet and had someone in the family should be targeted. To build trust, we had a very well laid out content marketing plan. Local SEO was optimized to show the clinic’s website on top in local results.

With patients coming in, it became very important to optimize the flow of patients so as to efficiently use the resources to maximum capacity. We educated the patients of the automated appointment system, available via our website, via text message and via facebook chat. With automated reminders to the patients, the clinic began functioning with 100% efficiency.


The launch of the new website and social pages happened just a couple of months after the opening of the clinic. The well-developed content strategy along with a strong presence in social and search engine rankings built trust which made the people perceive Dr. Ved and Wellness Diabetes Speciality Clinic as an authority in the field of diabetes. This made sure of a constant influx of new patients along with a lot of corporate tie-ups.

The automation system which combined all channels including website, text and, chat made sure that clinics resources are used at maximum efficiency, every single day. Wellness Diabetes Speciality Clinic was able to expand and replicate the same model at a new branch in Thane.