Bring Your Business Online – Google’s Video Series

A lot of small businesses in India and around the world want to take their business online, but are clueless how to go about. Here’s some good news for you guys. Google’s Developer Programs Tech Lead, Maile Ohye, well known in the field of SEO, has published a video series which advises on how to take your business online. Maile said this is the same advice that Googlers would give “our friends and family” and now they are sharing it with everyone.

Bring Your Business Online

Bring Your Business Online Series

In the series, Maile gives us insights on how to build and online presence for your local business. Maile also tells us that unlike a few years back, having a website today is helpful, but it’s certainly not a necessity. Websites for local businesses are no longer a requirement for getting found in Google search. With a Google+ business, Yelp, and Facebook page, a local business can successfully reach customers searching on any device.

The video series goes through creating your business goals, finding your customers online, the various ways to implement your online strategy, and then two videos in more detail, one on differentiating yourself and the other on coming up with a consistent message for your customers. This is a really great online 101 for small businesses. The points are well put and easy to understand. Although Yelp is not used in India, the rest is great advice – especially the tip: Do Not Copy Your Reviews Around The Web (Google hates duplication).

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